The Science of Relationships

Are You Considering Tele-health

What Is E-Therapy? During the COVID-19 crisis, we have all had to adjust and be flexible in ways many of us were surprising and challenging. Specifically, social distancing was identified as part of the universal quarantine strategy, which drastically increased the need for remote communication in all aspects of our lives, including healthcare services. At …

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How Being Mindful Can Bring You Closer to Your Partner

Although we humans like to believe that we make decisions consciously as we go through our day, in fact many of our waking hours are spent on autopilot. Driving a car is the perfect example. Do you remember how terrifying it was the first time behind the wheel, when you had to deliberately think about …

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Exploring Defensiveness

What is Defensiveness? The third horsemen in the Four Horsemen is a common one: defensiveness, which is defined as self-protection in the form of righteous indignation or innocent victimhood in an attempt to ward off a perceived attack. It is an unconscious and automatic response to perceived danger, whether or not it makes sense to …

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