Getting Started in Couples Therapy

Short orientation video that walks you into the 675 Seminole Ave Building and into my office, located in Suite 210 on the second floor. I am currently offering both online and in person sessions.

Before we Meet
This page will offer you an brief orientation to the intake and assessment phase of our work. Of course, we are available to talk by phone if you prefer by calling us at 678-999-3390 to discuss questions or concerns that you may have before scheduling. You can also schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me over the next week by selecting the link below labeled “Take the First Step”.

I currently do not take insurance and my rates are $175 for couple sessions that last 80 minutes and $130 for sessions that last 45 minutes. My standard session length is 80 minutes, with the exception of individual 45 minute sessions as part of my intake process.

I require that you enter a credit card into our client portal, which will be automatically billed following each session. Unfortunately, I do not take cash.

Scheduling and Required Forms
To make scheduling, payments, and communication easier for you, we use a client portal called Simple Practice. You will be able to access resources, messaging, invoices, and scheduling services through this HIPPA compliant portal. For more information about setting up a profile, scheduling and communicating, see their Getting Started Guide: Client Portal.

Before our first meeting, you both will create a profile in Simple Practice and sign few electronic forms. I will highlight the important points within each form during our first session, as well as answer any questions that you may have regarding them.

To Schedule
a 30 minute “Initial Phone or Video Consultation” at no charge
or take your first step now by scheduling our first session for 90 minutes by choosing the
“Initial Diagnostic Evaluation – First Appointment for all New Clients” below.

The Intake/Assessment Process
We do not begin therapy until we know what is happening and agree on our treatment goals. This assessment phase will consist of three sessions – One joint 80 minute session with both of you in the same room, and then two individual sessions that will last 45 minute each.

For more information about the intake process for couples, check out my short orientation video

The assessment will also require that each of you complete an online assessment called the Gottman Relationship Checkup. For more information visit their website. Their over 400 question assessment will take you about an hour to complete. You will receive a link to the assessment following our first meeting and both you and your partner will need to complete it before our individual meetings.

Assessment Feedback
At the end of the intake process, we will meet to offer a summary of my assessment results, as well as suggested treatment goals and resources tailored to your needs.

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