What is couple and family therapy?

Marriage and family therapy is an approach that is used to treat a wide range of presenting problems, such as depression, anxiety, marital distress, individual psychological problems, and parent-child concerns. Because issues are often the result of patterns of interactions, we are specially trained to attend to relationship patterns of interactions that may be a part of the treatment plan. In marriage and family therapy, even if an individual client is the only person being seen in therapy, the treatment considers the relationships in which he/she is a part.

What are in person sessions like?

Therapy sessions are not like the stereotypical therapy sessions you see on TV. We do not ask you to lay on a couch and free-style talk about your problems. They are generally directed and focused on the presenting concerns that you identify. Individual sessions typically last for about 45 minutes, while sessions with couples are 80  minutes. 

A typical session has one therapist, interacting with you, and any other individuals involved in the therapy process.

The cost for counseling services?

The cost of counseling depends on the specific service being provided, the education and training level of the therapist providing the service (i.e. fully licensed therapist, associate level therapist, and practicum learner). I do not take insurance.

For more information about my rates, please visit my page focused on therapy for:

In a crisis, who should I contact?

I am available to address non-emergency related concerns during regular office hours. 

In the event of an emergency, clients are advised to contact their local mental health hospital, 911. You should also consider calling the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at (800) 715-4225. Or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255.

What are online sessions like?

We offer a variety of secure, confidential technology services to save time and enhance your counseling experience. Our counseling center has been pioneering the trend towards online therapy for adults and couples since 2013 when we first opened our doors.  

For online video sessions, you will only have to click your counselor’s personalized link, and will not have to download any additional software. We use Simple Practice, which offers a confidential, secure platform that complies with HIPAA privacy laws.

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