4 Mindful Listening Principles to Better Navigate Conflict

Disagreements are an inevitable component of all relationships. No two people are identical in thought and belief patterns, regardless of how similar they might be. Even in the strongest relationships, conflicting needs and opinions arise from time to time. Avoiding conflict is therefore an uphill battle, so instead, learn how to navigate these challenges in more effective and compassionate ways.

Often during disagreements, you might think: ‘If only they would listen to what I’m really saying’ or ‘I wish they would see things from my point of view.’ It is understandable that you yearn to be heard and understood; however, perhaps flip this lens around for a moment: ‘How can I listen more closely? How can I start to understand my partner’s point of view in a new way?’

None of this is to say that you cannot or should not also ask to be listened to with care and respect. However, let’s consider your own capacity for mindful listening. How can you practice listening in ways that help your relationship effectively move through whatever conflict or challenge it’s facing? Chances are, as you strengthen your capacity to listen more mindfully to others, you will start to receive the same in return.


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